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The “Primal Defense” Cleanse

The “Primal Defense” Cleanse is very important. At some point, everyone should do this Cleanse at least once. Completing this Cleanse before doing a Juice Fast or the Master Cleanser is highly recommended and quite beneficial.

Garden of Life’s “Primal Defense” contains homeostatic soil organisms (HSO’s) and over 70 micronutrients, which are easily absorbed and provide a base of trace minerals and calcium. It is an extremely effective oral method to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract while re-establishing a proper bacterial balance. Eliminating the accumulated putrefaction and bad bacteria takes time to crowd out; do not start this program unless committed to a minimum of 180 days at the recommended dosages.

It is important to proceed gradually with Primal Defense; it begins cleansing out toxins and pathogens, as soon as it is taken. If taken too quickly, the cleansing will occur faster than the body can eliminate the accumulated toxins.

Start with one capsule per day for a week; then two a day for a week, then three a day for a week, then four a day for a week. Work up to twelve a day and hold it there for three months.

This will saturate the body with the beneficial bacteria it has been lacking and will allow the immune system functions to react. Then gradually decrease to the recommended maintenance dosage of three capsules per day.

If at any time the discomfort is such that it curtails activities, reduce the dosage. If taking four, cut back to two then work back up again. Do not stop taking the pills! It is important to keep the colonization process going.

If necessary just slow it down a little so the toxin elimination is not as fast. Keep in mind that at the other end of this process is a strong, functioning immune system, which will result in optimal health.

While cleansing with Primal Defense it is important to drink plenty of distilled water, not chlorinated water; chlorine will kill beneficial bacteria in the body. Water will help flush toxins from the body; try to drink a gallon a day.

Take the dosage a half an hour before meals with eight to ten ounces of distilled water, preferably half the dosage in the morning and half in the evening. If headaches or discomfort are a problem, take the dosage just before going to bed. It is OK to take it with meals occasionally. Do not take Primal Defense within several hours of other medications.

If taking antibiotics, do not take acidophilus. Continue using the Primal Defense during the course of antibiotic treatment, then increase the dosage after the course is over to re-saturate.

HSO’s balance the bacterial environment and completely cleanse the Large Intestine of the putrefaction and parasites, both regular and amebic. No other products are needed to accomplish this. There is no need to take herbal colon Cleanses or parasite killers, they may interfere with the HSO’s ability to colonize.

Decrease coffee consumption. Try to consume no more than one cup per day; the acid in coffee will interfere with the bacterial environment. Decrease sugar, breads and pasta; sugar and carbohydrates feed the parasites and yeast / fungus. Increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption, it will facilitate good elimination.

After completing this program, absorption will increase an average of 50%. Everything ingested, including supplements, drugs and food, will be absorbed and assimilated better. Because absorption is increased so dramatically, all medications must be monitored. Many will need to decrease insulin, blood pressure medication, etc.; if on medication, please consult your doctor. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and whole food supplements are fine.

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