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There is a Confucius saying, “a good student is one who, when shown the corner of a napkin, seeks out the other three.” To take that a step further, a good teacher is one who finds a way to motivate the student to seek, and it is in that vein that I have collected this information; having been ignited, with the hope of igniting fires inside the motivated. This is only the tip of the iceberg – a jumping off point.

When I began this project, it was initially intended to be a method for addiction recovery and management. As I moved through it, I realized that we all are in recovery in one sense or another, and all of us are addicted in one way or another as well.

In daily living, most times, feelings and reactions are automatic and predictable. Creating life spontaneously, rather than having each moment being determined by past experiences, can indeed be a struggle. Addiction, along with traumatic accidents, unexpected changes in life, breakups, the death of a loved one, etc. all require healing and recovery.

What matters after you’re gone is not what you’ve learned, but what you’ve taught

Neal Barnard, M.D.

I wish I could say I began with some grand master plan, which would culminate into what has now become my life’s work; but it did not happen like that. When I was twenty or so I considered being an actor, but the starving part did not really appeal to me so I went into the real estate business. Movement and martial arts had taken a back burner to making a living. Although the real estate business was exciting and lucrative, less than ten years later I found my self, a starving martial artist, embarking on studies in massage and shiatsu therapies.

Now, here I am more than a decade later with an emphatic knowing that with the conscious pursuit of deliberate, graceful movements of the body, inevitably the mind, organs and emotions will follow suit. As a massage therapist, martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga instructor, I have worked with many bodies, from every strata of our society. At this point, I have formulated a system – a perspective and an approach to cultivate and sustain health and well-being. These writings are my attempt to systemize my experiences and accumulated discoveries into a method that I can share.

It is significant to realize that the Self has, in large part, coordinated our respective states of health and happiness, along with strife, pain and upset – whether consciously or unconsciously. The addictions or habits we create in our lives are the very steps we need overcome in the ladder toward our own self-realization - a necessary part of our evolution. Self-reliance then, when properly understood, offers a useful framework for personal transformation. If trauma, dis-ease and imbalance have been self-generated, at any given moment then, our solutions for creating ease, harmony, health and well-being can also be self-generated. Conscious awareness and cultivation will strengthen immunity, facilitate recovery and is a key to illuminating and managing addictions. For most, especially in patterns of addiction, many movements or choices are not considered; rather, most function from a place of habit. Few are exempt from this way of life. Whether its the one who is addicted to alcohol or drugs (including pharmaceuticals); the worker who is addicted to work; the artist to making art; the athlete who can't miss a day of jogging; the drama king or queen who can't go long without creating drama of some kind; or the worrier who doesn't know how to live without worrying. We all possess habitual addictive behavior of some sort; what need be addressed, however, are the patterns that interfere with our abilities to create and sustain health and a joyous, fulfilled existence.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, defines Cultivate as:

to improve and prepare; to grow or tend; to promote the growth of; to nurture; foster; to form and refine, as by education

These writings will help all who read them – the pages that follow can facilitate healing on every level. This is not a diet book – though it will provide a method to facilitate efficient organ function and blood production. If weight loss is the concern, one will lose weight. If increased energy is the concern, the body will run more efficiently. If trying to get off drugs (pharmaceuticals or otherwise), this is a method. If diagnosed with some degenerative dis-ease, a method toward recovery is within these pages. Healing and recovery are absolutely individual and need be addressed consciously on many levels to be lasting. This strategy facilitates healing and sheds light upon methods to cultivate continuously; simple timeless concepts are woven together into a treatment strategy that can be adapted into everyday life. Our modern civilization has a very secular, myopic way of experiencing the mind, the body and life force. These theories I have come to believe and continue to expand my awareness of are simple and natural, they have existed long before me and serve as a framework on which we all may cultivate life long mind body harmony. It is my hope, that all who read this realize their inherent powers to be dis-ease free. Taking responsibility of our own well-being is an acceptance of our role to be the ultimate artist in our lives. An artist whose medium is not limited to some material object for us to view or experience through the normal senses; who's approach to the medium, is an all encompassing life long endeavor, only few would dare to consciously embrace. It envelops an ideal of living each day as fully as possible, refining and defining the ultimate masterpiece, life.

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