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Essence, also known as “Jing”, is derived from a process of refinement. It is a precious substance to be cherished and guarded. The term “Essence” occurs in traditional Chinese medical books in three different contexts with slightly different meanings: “Pre-Natal Essence”, “Post-Natal Essence” and “Essence”. Continue reading Jing

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History of the bath

Since the beginning of time, the art of bathing in water has been essential to one’s good health and peace of mind. As early as the third century, bathing emporiums quickly became the fashion.

The Greeks and Romans were the leaders in erecting many elaborate, expensive bathhouses in which they could conduct business, gossip with friends, eat, drink, or arrange sexual liaisons.

Some public baths were so grand that they could easily contain lecture halls, art galleries, meditation rooms, and prayer stalls. As well there were always numerous separate enclosures for “private” business.

The larger bathhouses combined healing practices with entertainment, social festivities, and physical fitness. It was not uncommon for wounded or weary soldiers to find comfort after a battle before returning to society. Continue reading History of the bath

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Difference between Organic and Non-Organic Minerals

Minerals in plants are best but we can still assimilate a tiny amount of minerals found in water and other sources. For example, Calcium in water is a salt, which means that it has a positive ion and a negative ion. You can absorb it to a degree but when we are talking about efficiency, it’s better when it’s attached (chelated) to other molecules. So overall, you can absorb only a tiny amount of the minerals in the water you drink, so it’s better to plan getting them from food instead!

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The Art of Bathing

The bathtub is a simple, wonderful invention that many of us take for granted. Since the beginning, bathing in water has been essential to one’s good health and peace of mind. It is not only for an occasional Saturday night indulgence, or exclusively for the kids and their toy boats; the bathtub is perfect for do-it-yourself-at-home stress reduction and natural healing. Many cultures of the past throughout the  world have adopted similar attitudes towards water, recognizing the health and spiritual benefits of bathing, using it to clean, to socialize and to heal. Sadly, like the many natural holistic discoveries buried by the sands of time and superseded by modern science, medicine and technology, it is a lost tradition that our modern fast-paced lives has sacrificed. Continue reading The Art of Bathing