3 Essential Elements for Well-being

So here’s the big secret;

When you feel good, It’s not because the world is right…

It's because YOUR world is right!

Well-being goes beyond the age old idea of the absence of illness; Health-Care implies a proactive stance towards achieving optimum physical, mental, and emotional well being.

The choices we make, sometimes consciously sometimes not, in the end, all have their significance within our perspectives of our true self, our destiny so to speak. In that respect each experience, each person, each inspiration acted upon, defines our realities and our expectations. They are an acknowledgment of self, a confirmation of one’s existence, necessary in defining and being in harmony with our Universe.

What I think is my mind, what I feel is my heart; what I do is my life.

The paradigm is simple. If you want to play in the orchestra of life, you've got to be tuned. Now a trumpet player tunes up differently than say a bass player, and the bass player tunes differently then say the violin player – though they’re tuned to the same note, the process of tuning is different; after all, we all have our own melodies to play. If out of tune however, one cannot even perceive correctly let alone express what they intend. Restlessness is the soul yearning for sacredness – to be in tune.

  • Want to lose weight?
  • Need more energy?
  • Ready to take control of addictions?

One does not have to be sick to get better. This is not a diet method – though it will facilitate efficient organ function and blood production. If weight loss is the concern, one will lose weight. If increased energy is the concern, the body will run more efficiently. If diagnosed with some degenerative dis-ease or trying to get off drugs (pharmaceuticals or otherwise), this is a the starting point.

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