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Personal Practice

When we were younger… it seemed time move so slow… the older we get it seems time is moving faster and faster; but the reality is that time has not changed… only our perception of it has changed.

At one time people saw the world as flat, a straight line. When they conceived of the universe, it was imagined that our earth was the center and time was also seen as a line.

Then it became understood that our earth was not a straight line, but in fact, a circle. And then someone invented a clock, and time became a circle too. But time is a line; we’ve been programmed to experience time in a circle i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday… etc, but time is a line. Last Monday truthfully has nothing to do with this Monday or next Monday for that matter. Continue reading Personal Practice

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Recapturing Magnetism & Reawakening Genius

The sun shined bright and the park was bustling full of people. Kids and dogs frolicked in the fountain; musicians sang their songs, jazz music played while the acrobats announced the start of their next performance. I sat in Washington Square Park revering the hot spring day, people watching, invigorated by the cacophony of sounds. Continue reading Recapturing Magnetism & Reawakening Genius