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For the Westerner Yoga is a form of physical exercise. Without an understanding of the essential purpose of Yoga, the essence is often missed. There are so many variations of Yoga these days, many have forgotten or have no idea of what in fact they are practicing. The actual practice is a constant regular introspection by which the Self within may be realized. It is not a practice to be undertaken occasionally but needs to be followed day after day, year after year, if results are to be achieved. Continue reading Yoga

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The 8 Limbs of Astanga

Astanga literally means eight limbs.

Astanga Yoga practiced in its correct sequential order, gradually leads the practicioner to rediscover their fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness.

This demanding practice requires considerable effort. It strengthens will and purifies the nervous system; the mind becomes lucid, clear and precise

There are eight component stages, collectively referred to as Astanga yoga (ashta, "eight" and anga "limb"), the eight-limbed path to mystical union. Continue reading The 8 Limbs of Astanga