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Body is the device through which we calculate the astronomy of the spirit.... that shadow of a shadow of our love that somehow contains the entire universe


There is a concept in Chinese medicine that relates the rotational joints of the body to what’s happening in our lives.  Imagine for a moment that your intention is to go to the store to get bread. Its your hips that gets you to the store…. When you get to the store… it’s your neck that lets you find the bread.  Once you’ve found the bread, your shoulders allow you select what you’ve chosen.  So…. The hips have to do with where you’re trying to get too or away from…. The shoulders have to do with what you’re trying to bring in or put out of your life and the neck has to do with what you’re willing to see … or not see. Continue reading THE EXTERNAL

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For the Westerner Yoga is a form of physical exercise. Without an understanding of the essential purpose of Yoga, the essence is often missed. There are so many variations of Yoga these days, many have forgotten or have no idea of what in fact they are practicing. The actual practice is a constant regular introspection by which the Self within may be realized. It is not a practice to be undertaken occasionally but needs to be followed day after day, year after year, if results are to be achieved. Continue reading Yoga

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The 8 Limbs of Astanga

Astanga literally means eight limbs.

Astanga Yoga practiced in its correct sequential order, gradually leads the practicioner to rediscover their fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness.

This demanding practice requires considerable effort. It strengthens will and purifies the nervous system; the mind becomes lucid, clear and precise

There are eight component stages, collectively referred to as Astanga yoga (ashta, "eight" and anga "limb"), the eight-limbed path to mystical union. Continue reading The 8 Limbs of Astanga

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Martial Arts

The art does not make the artist; the artist makes the art.

My introduction to martial arts was fashioned after a Japanese system.  The hierarchy was a belt system: white – green – purple – brown – black.  Throughout my twenties, I trained with the Martial Arts Conservatory in New York City and regularly attended tournaments.  The Dojo was my sanctuary, even while I worked the long hard hours in the real estate business; by age thirty, I had rank in American and Okinawan Goju Ryu, Shotokan and was introduced to QiGong, Tai Chi Chuan, BaGua and Hatha yoga.  Just after I had received my Shodan (first-degree black belt), I wandered into an Angolan Capoeira class; the Mestre was Joao Grande.  What was this fascinating rhythmic athletic movement?  It had lore and a mysticism that provoked my senses in ways I could not explain.  I attended classes there and continued to practice at the Martial Arts Conservatory.  I was constantly practicing but it was not until I was well into my thirties that I began to get a glimpse of the profound subtleties within movement. Continue reading Martial Arts

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The Bandhas: 4 Energy Locks in Yoga

In yoga classes or training, you have probably heard about the bandhas, the internal energy locks. Many yoga teachers regularly use the phrase ‘activate your bandhas’ in their instructions, but quite often it isn't explained further. Read on to understand what the bandhas are, what it actually means to activate the bandhas, and the purpose the bandhas serve.

Continue reading The Bandhas: 4 Energy Locks in Yoga

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The mind has many dimensions with the ability to expand its attention, and to focus, limit, contain, and even close off that attention.  Within the mind are the body's transmitter and receiver.  What happens in the mind affects how one feels emotionally and physically.  There is an ancient saying, “As above, so below”; what one experiences in their head influences their physical body, and vice versa; the body state affects the working of the mind.  Breathing noxious gases and the state of constipation affects mental capacities; likewise, mental state can reflect in the freedom of the bowels and in the ease of breathing. Continue reading Meditation

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Personal Practice

When we were younger… it seemed time move so slow… the older we get it seems time is moving faster and faster; but the reality is that time has not changed… only our perception of it has changed.

At one time people saw the world as flat, a straight line. When they conceived of the universe, it was imagined that our earth was the center and time was also seen as a line.

Then it became understood that our earth was not a straight line, but in fact, a circle. And then someone invented a clock, and time became a circle too. But time is a line; we’ve been programmed to experience time in a circle i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday… etc, but time is a line. Last Monday truthfully has nothing to do with this Monday or next Monday for that matter. Continue reading Personal Practice

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Recapturing Magnetism & Reawakening Genius

The sun shined bright and the park was bustling full of people. Kids and dogs frolicked in the fountain; musicians sang their songs, jazz music played while the acrobats announced the start of their next performance. I sat in Washington Square Park revering the hot spring day, people watching, invigorated by the cacophony of sounds. Continue reading Recapturing Magnetism & Reawakening Genius