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Thought Forms

There are only three requirements for spiritual peace:
 - If we make an intelligent investment by placing our faith in spiritual realities, we will obtain positive results. But if we invest poorly by concentrating on the transitory aspects of existence, we will become sad and disappointed
Keep the mind absorbed in transcendental knowledge
 - read scripture
- perform worship (incantations)
- chant, meditate and pray
- attend lectures
- listen to tapes
- associate with like minds
Regulate the senses
- control of the senses is intimately related to control of the mind
- the way in which we fix the mind determines whether we master the senses or are controlled by them, and whether the mind serves the intelligence and the soul or interferes with their development.

Spiritual Warrior 2

Some individuals carry with them an atmosphere of cheer, sunniness, and cour¬age, while others bring into a room a feeling of disharmony, mistrust, and uneasiness acting as "kill-joys" or dampers upon enthusiasm and free expression. Continue reading Thought Forms

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The Intellect

Among the lower animals there is very little of what we call consciousness. The animal, and the low order of humans, cannot think of their hopes and fears, their aspirations, plans and thoughts; then compare them with the like thoughts of others of their kind. They cannot turn their gaze inward to speculate upon abstract things. Taking things for granted, they simply ask no questions and do not attempt to find solutions to the questions within themselves; for them such questions do not exist. Continue reading The Intellect

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The Emotions

At the core of our being we are peaceful and happy. It is only at the surface of awareness that confusion can occur. Feelings of happiness, love, gratitude, compassion, self-respect, security, self-reliance, self-confidence, and satisfaction are wholesome and constructive; while feelings of unhappiness, strong dislike, envy, jealousy, unworthiness, insecurity, inferiority, incompetence, and dissatisfaction are unwholesome and destructive. Continue reading The Emotions

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Self-concept is born of two minds; the conscious mind, which is the creative mind, the one that is associated with identity and does the thinking, computing and contemplating; and then there is the sub-conscious mind, which is like a tape player or a video camera. It automatically records behaviors and plays it back; every environmental signal influences it.

Without our conscious awareness, other people, societal expectations, experience, perceptions, environment, family, friends and associations have programmed it, shaping our perspectives, our existence and ways of being. We are always “living the dream”.

The question one has to ask is; “am I living a conscious dream or an unconscious dream?” Continue reading Sub-consciousing