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This all started when I was about seven years old. I was standing in line like the rest of the kids, listening to the nun. We were in church - Saint Dominic's Cathedral I think it was, in front of one of the confessional booths. She was explaining confession, when all of sudden out of nowhere, whack!!! This kid Charlie turns around and punches me in the mouth; in retrospect, it was to see what I would do; but I was a nice boy, I didn’t like to fight and I certainly wasn’t used to this kind of spontaneous aggression. I cried and ran for the nun to protect me from this maniac. That was when my father enrolled me in Judo class. It was there that I had my first taste of the martial arts. Though I enjoyed the experience greatly, as life changes would have it, a year later I moved and found myself in a different school. I did not continue with classes, though my interests in the martial arts had not dwindled; I practiced what I could remember and like many of my friends we avidly watched all the martial arts movies and often mimicked the movements of the actors. By age 14, I was kind of a "dojo rat" - bouncing around from one martial arts school to another but never really settling down and seriously studying the art. Continue reading Beginnings